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Tulsarama - June 15th, 2007

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We ventured to Oklahoma for the Tulsurama event where we watched the uncovering of the buried Belvadere June 15th.  The really strange part was that they actually dug the vault with the car in it up on Wednesday so the video was on the Internet the first night that we stayed in Stroud, OK.  There was still a plastic covering over the car in the video but the 3 - 4 foot of standing water shown in the vault pretty much told the story of what we would see at the ceremony.  I was disappointed that they had the video on the Internet before the actual event that we paid money to attend was held.

Since we were already in OK we used our tickets and watched the show at the convention center and walked around at the invitation only car show.  As it turned out this was not really the highlight of the trip though.  We got to meet many people who we had only met on the Internet and got to match up user names from message boards with actual people.  We also got to drive down Route 66 from Stroud to Tulsa with our own private tour guide.  By the time we got to Tulsa for the show and walked down to where the car had been buried the hole was already filled in with dirt so that was one part of the must see we missed. 

Pictures to follow. 

This is a picture from the convention center during the "show".  We were not there the next day when the car was put into the car show.

(click on the attachment clip to see a large picture)

This car lives in Missouri and is the twin to the buried car only wasn't underground in a leaky vault for 50 years.

We went down Route 66 with our own private tour guide and these are a couple pictures from that tour.  We ate at Russ's Ribs which was the best BBQed meat I have ever eaten.  There is a town on old Route 66 named Depew, who knew there was a Depew, OK too.

This bridge is one of the few or maybe the only brick deck bridge in the US.  It is next to old Route 66.  Oklahoma has received lots of rain this year....notice the raging river below the brick deck bridge.


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