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Spirit Lake, Iowa - June 24, 2007

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When we arrived at the car show there was a group of parking spots that were in the shade and perfect for our club, but this mean guy came out and told us we could not park there on a public street because his place of business was still open.  WTF, did the City Counsel forget to tell him that there was a car show that day?  We parked on the other side of the street and made sure we did not go into his place of business.  We will also tell everyone not to shop there.  We watched and he did not have any customers go in his store that afternoon.  And sure enough about 15 minutes after we parked across the street in the sun other cars pulled in and parked in front of his business.......

I believe that there were 9 cars from the 4 & 18 car club that went to the Spirit Lake Car Show.  Here are some pictures of the group.

More Pictures from the 4 & 18 Car Club at the Spirit Lake Car Show.

Here are some cars from the show that got their pictures taken.

Here are some trucks that got their picture taken.


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